Scofield: I'll Have More to Say When the Trial Concludes

Doug Scofield, the Democratic consultant and prosecution witness who was featured prominently on several FBI recordings, said today that he would like to say more about his experience with Blagojevich but will wait until the trial concludes.

"I would like to say more," Scofield said in the lobby of Dirksen Federal Court building Thursday evening. "I think at this point it's an ongoing trial. I don't think it'd really be fair an appropriate for me to comment until the trial is over. Believe me, I'm eager to. At the conclusion when the jury has rendered its verdict there's much more I'd be happy to say and look forward to being able to say."

Scofield also said he was pleased to give testimony for the prosecution.

"I was pleased to be able to give full and complete testimony and give honest and complete answers to what I know the government believes is helpful to this case," Scofield said. "I think it was important to do that and I was happy to do it."

Scofield was recorded several times speaking with Blagojevich, but the consultant told prosecutors that he thought many of the governor's ideas "absurd" and was only half-listening at times.

Scofield said he thought that agreeing with Blagojevich was the path of least resistance.

Scofield's testimony has also offered some powerful insights into why Blagojevich acted as he did. Blagojevich, he said, had "a level of resentment and anger" regarding Obama's presidential win. It was that resentment, Scofield suggested, that compelled Blagojevich to try and horse trade for Obama's Senate seat.

But those schemes, Scofield testified, were "ridiculous" even by a lobbyist's standards.

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