Sandi Jackson Explains Her Moved Money

Alderman asked by State Board of Elections to explain $69,000 discrepancy

Alderman Sandi Jackson (7th Ward) suggested further details will be coming to explain a $69,000 discrepancy between her campaign finance reports and those of her husband, former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

"When we’re asked to amend, we amend, and there will be more amendments coming," she said Wednesday from her ward office.

The south side alderman said she received a letter from the State Board of Elections on Nov. 5 -- roughly three weeks before her husband resigned from his Congressional post -- asking her to explain the discrepancy.

Since then, her office has made six amendments to campaign reports covering a two-year period.

Alderman Jackson's ward office and her political space are on the first floor of space in the 7123 South Exchange building. The congressman’s former federal office is on the second floor of the same building. Sandi Jackson is listed on her husband's payroll.

Some of his rent payments were missing from her campaign reports, she said.

"You have staff members. They come and they go, and often times staff members or volunteers are responsible for entering in data. In this instance, we believe the staff members who are responsible for entering in this information transitioned on and the ball was dropped," she said.

Andy Nauman, the Deputy Director for the Division of Campaign Disclosures says there will be a thorough examination.

"The reports will be reviewed, yes," he said.

David Morrison, the executive director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform said that while he was reluctant to make the comparison, he noted that "the last committee that had issues like this was George Ryan’s, where he was saying, 'I found this bank account that I forgot I even had.'"

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