Mayor Receives 65 Applications to Replace Former Ald. Sandi Jackson

12 applicants automatically disqualified due to residency requirement

More than five dozen people have expressed interest in replacing former Ald. Sandi Jackson in the Chicago City Council.

As of 5 p.m. Monday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office received 65 complete applications for the vacant position in the city's 7th Ward. Twelve of them, however, won't be considered because the applicant doesn't live in the ward, officials said.

That leaves 53 applicants that will be reviewed by a city committee who will narrow the list down to three final applicants.

Jackson resigned earlier this year, two months after her husband, Jesse Jackson Jr., resigned from his post in the U.S. Congress.

The application process was originally slated to end Friday at 5 p.m., but city officials extended the submission process through business hours on Monday because of a temporary outage with the city's website.

The mayor has said he hopes to have Jackson's replacement named by mid-February.

Eligible candidate names include:

Tennesha Frierson
Natashia Holmes
Kenisha Clorinda Davis
Roberta S. Howard
Carl L. Bibbs
Bernie Riley
Walonza Lee
Lionell Romeo Martin Sr.
Jesse L. Harley
Thesby Douglas
Lanita Ross
Margie Reid
Pauline Lee
John Hayes
Leori Moore
Joseph Moseley II
Greg Mitchell
Change Hamilton-Hayyim
Glen Harston
William Taylor
Lorse Sizer
Leticia B. Ransom
George Pruitt III
Mia Henry
Leanne Theresa Muller-Wharton
Marja Ann Stanford Leak
Vicky Michelle Wooten
Sidney Howard Brooks III
William Campbell King Jr.
Benjamin Boone
Jaqueline Harris
LaMeise Turner
Flora Digby
David Lee
Fareeda Watson
Scott Onque
Jesse Pettway
Brittney Stinson
Frances Pratt
Quentin Scott
Dennis McCullum
Jason Bertrand
Andria Blackburn
Carlos Maxwell
Michele Kroeger
Lashonda Flowers
Dorian Myrickes
Mark Wallace
Joyce Brown
Marcus Wolfe
Deveree Greenwood
Charles McMillan
Clara Hubbard

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