Illinois Races: Roger Keats for Cook County Board President

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Keats spent 28+ years in the U.S. Army

Roger Keats, the retired 16-year State Senator, is the GOP endorsed candidate for 2010 Cook County Board President.  He was first elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 1976 and then to the Illinois Senate in 1978, serving until 1993.

Keats, 60, graduated from the University of Michigan in 1970 with a Bachelor's degree in Education.  He then received his Master's degree in Social Sciences from the University of Illinois.  He served in the US Army as a Lieutenant Colonel during the Vietnam era for more than 28  years.

He is an advocate for judicial reform, government budget transparency, health care reform, tax cuts, private sector job growth and criminal justice reform.

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Roger Keats for Cook County Board President

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