Candidates to Replace Jesse Jackson Jr.

We've collected biographical information and web links to the candidates running in the 2nd Congressional District election to replace Jesse Jackson Jr.

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Debbie Halvorson
Halvorson served as representative of the 11th District from 2009 to 2011, when she was unseated by Adam Kinzinger. Last year she ran against and lost to Jesse Jackson Jr. in the 2nd Congressional election. Jackson resigned after he was elected.
Robin Kelly
Kelly was appointed Chief Administrative Officer for Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle in 2011. She is also a former state representative who served within the 2nd District and a former State Representative of the 38th District. During her time in office, Kelly has promoted small business job creation, investment strategy innovation and advancing financial literacy.
Anthony A. Beale
Beale is currently the alderman for Chicago's 9th Ward. He was the first alderman on the South Side to implement two Special Service Areas at the same time to enhance business corridors. During his time as alderman, Beale has upgraded Gwendolyn Brooks Preparatory Academy high school, now ranked 6th in the city in student achievement; completed the South Side’s first water park and four state-of-the-art baseball fields. Beale strongly supports making progress toward constructing a South Suburban Airport as a pathway for jobs and development.
Joyce W. Washington
Washington is the President and CEO of The Washington Group, a Chicago based management consulting firm. With a 25-year career in general management and health care systems, Washington has been a member of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board and Illinois Hospital Association Board of Directors.
Larry D. Pickens
In 1987, Pickens was ordained as an elder in the United Methodist Church. During his ministry, Pickens served in various civic roles and has had experience nationally and internationally with governance and social justice. In 2006, Larry led a delegation of United Methodists to Cuba in order to discuss ecumenical issues, human rights concerns and the changing relationship between our two countries. That same year, Larry also led a delegation to the Vatican in Rome to address human trafficking, poverty and violence.
Ernest B. Fenton
Fenton currently owns his own law firm, The Law Office of Ernest B. Fenton. He believes in the advantage of education and sponsors internships for local high school students. In addition, he sits on the board of Life for the World, a not-for-profit organization that funds the Maranatha School and Orphanage in Haiti.
John Blyth
Blyth currently owns his own group health insurance business. He has previously worked as a journeyman bricklayer in Local 21. Blyth states that he is not a politician, and believes that will make him the best Congressman.
Tim Musho (
Mel Reynolds
Reynolds was the last man to hold the seat before Jackson Jr. won in a special election. He later resigned after a sex scandal but plans to make a return to Washington.
Paul McKinley
McKinley is an ex-offender, active with the organization VOTE (Voices of the Ex-Offender), and has fought to put ex-offenders to work. He states that he is not running against a candidate, but against the Chicago Machine. He plans to fight corruption in the second district and introduce new leadership.
Eric M. Wallace
In 2006, Wallace ran for State Senate in Illinois’ 19th district. Following the election Wallace served on several boards such as African American Advisory Board for the Republican National Committee, Cook County Republican Party and the Illinois Transatlantic Slave Trade Commission. He has also published a political magazine, Freedom’s Journal Magazine, encouraging African Americans to revert to their natural conservative principles. Wallace currently operates Wallace Multimedia Group, LLC.
Lenny McAllister
McAllister is a political commentator for a number of newspapers and websites, including AOL and The Root. In 2008, McAllister attended the 2008 Republican National Convention representing Hip Hop Republicans. McAllister believes improving the employment situation in the second district and throughout the nation is our greatest priority.
Clifford J. Eagleton
Eagleton is a former Matteson Elementary School District #159 board member and a retired elementary, high school and college teacher. He is currently a small business owner and plans to support small businesses and the addition of jobs for the second district.
Victor Jonathan
Jonathan is the former President of Pixel Information Technology Corporation, an information technology company located in Illinois. He is the author of the book “Unequal Opportunity by Victor Jonathan,” which suggests solutions to employment inequalities. The President of the Organization for Business Equality and the Architect of Bring Our Jobs Back Rally, Jonathan believes outsourced jobs should be transferred to inner cities. He plans to propose legislation to enforce employment discrimination laws.
Anthony W. Williams
Williams has been a public servant for 20 years. Williams plans to protect the pensions and Social Security and end violence in the second district. He plans to introduce a federal lottery to eliminate the national deficit. The proceeds from the lotteries would go to paying the deficit and then be divided after the deficit is paid.
Fatimah M. Muhammad
Muhammad,"Dr. Hip Hop," is currently an assistant professor of Communications, Media Arts and Theatre at Chicago State University. Her goal is to bring President Obama's economic development, job creation and healthcare agendas to the 2nd district.
Gregory Haynes Hayne's campaign website was unavailable.
Beverly E. Reid
There was no campaign website available for Beverly Reid.
Charles Rayburn
There was no campaign website available for Charles Rayburn.
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