Rahm Residency Issue Grows

Rahm Emanuel's perceived residency issue is about to get real.

Next week a veteran election lawyer will file paperwork in an attempt to knock Emanuel off the ballot for allegedly failing to meet residency requirements that stipulate a candidate must live in the city for one year before election.

Emanuel has been dogged by rumors that he's not a legal resident of the city since he leased his North Side home and moved his family to Washington D.C. to work in the white house.

The issue hit a tipping point earlier this week when Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass revealed Emanuel was twice booted from the voter rolls for non-residency. Emanuel was then reinstated by election officials.

Now election lawyer Burt Odleson plans to file a legal challenge to his race.

Despite Emanuel's dismissals, the issue appears to have legs. A number of election officials told the Sun-Times that Emanuel is vulnerable to the challenge.

Odelson works for James Meeks' campaign for mayor but he insists Meeks is not behind the challenge.

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