“Very Possible” Rahm Emanuel Could Leave White House in October

Sources close to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel confirm that it is "very possible he will leave the White House in October" to prepare for a campaign for Chicago's Mayor.

Those sources says he will make his decision "sooner rather than later" but concede he "already has a network to lean on and 1.2 million" to hit the ground running.

This, after Time reported that White House aides are preparing for the possibility Emanuel could step down as early as October:

The aide says Emanuel will not make a decision about whether or not to run this week, but was otherwise vague about when the decision would be made — or exactly when he might step down. Congress is scheduled to enter recess on Oct. 8, in advance of the Nov. 2 midterm elections.

Rumors and unconfirmed reports have been swirling about Emanuel's depature and plans for weeks now. As Ward Room first reported, Emanuel polled likely voters in Chicago recently. He's since been calling other potential candidates, such as Congressman Mike Quigley and Ald. Tom Tunney.

Emanuel is scheduled to meet with Quigley at the White House today. And according to Tunney, Emanuel called him and said "my poll numbers are looking good."


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