Rahm Emanuel Holds Commanding Early Lead

Rahm Emanuel still holds a commanding lead over his mayoral competition, while other candidates are jockeying for second place, according to a poll from the Chicago Tribune.

Emanuel claimed 32 percent of voters who were polled by the paper. His closest competition, Gery Chico and Danny Davis, grabbed 9 percent.

James Meeks came in at 7 percent, Carol Moseley Braun at 6 percent and Miguel del Valle had 3 percent. Moseley Braun and Davis had both been running close behind Emanuel in a number of early polls based on her strong name recognition, but they appear to have slipped.

Chico still hovers near the single digits.

A large minority of voters, 30 percent, remain undecided according to the poll, which questioned 721 likely voters and had a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.

Despite Emanuel's lead, he still doesn't command a 50 percent majority needed to avoid a run off election.

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