Rahm Releases Anti-Crime Agenda

Plans include putting 1,000 more cops on the street

WR Rahm

Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel introduced his aggressive anti-crime agenda to the city of Chicago Sunday afternoon.

Joined by law enforcement officials and community leaders, Emanuel discussed how he would promote effective strategies to tackle violence and ensure safety in Chicago's neighborhoods.

Emanuel discussed a number of ways he plans on making the city safer.  These plans include putting several more cops on the street by utilizing the current officers in a more effective way.

In a press conference Sunday afternoon, Emanuel announced that he plans on getting 1,000 current police officers back on the streets of Chicago.

"Police officers will become a presence in the neighborhood, rather than only available in response to emergencies," he stated.

Emanuel would like to overhaul and strengthen the Chicago Police Cadet Program and use the new group of cadets to cover administrative duties. 

Hundreds of sworn officers are currently covering administrative work for the Chicago Police Department due to the civilian workforce being cut more than 65%.

This would enable hundreds of veteran officers to get back on the street.

He went on to discuss a crackdown on the abuse of absenteeism within the Chicago Police Department. 

"There are about 1,000 cops, 10% of the police force, out on medical leave or limited duty at any one time," Emanuel said in a statement released Sunday.  "Many of these [absentees] are necessary due to work-related injuries, but there are too many medical abusers who earn full pay but leave fighting crime to their colleagues."

Emanuel plans on putting an end to it by tasking a new Superintendent to crackdown on the abuse.

His anti-crime agenda also includes plans to educate youth to end violence, develop comprehensive after-school programs to keep kids off the streets and a push for stronger gun controls laws on a federal, state and local level.

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