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Quinn There, Done That: Gov Uses Old Signs

Accidental governor accidentally using signs from Lt. Gov race



    Quinn There, Done That: Gov Uses Old Signs

    Chalk up another accident to the accidental governor.

    Gov. Pat Quinn's apparently taking his green message to heart -- to the extent that he's recycling campaign signs from his 2006 campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

    The bright green, slightly worn signs were clearly visible behind Quinn at a post-election appearance this morning. They read: "Lt. Governor Pat Quinn."

    A representative from Quinn's office said Quinn didn't know there were signs behind him this morning, and he suggested the signs were the work of a volunteer running on too little sleep.

    "He's a thrifty guy! He recycles everything!" said his communications director.

    She added that Quinn even hands out old business cards that say Lt. Governor, simply crossing out the Lt.

    "We won, I'll take it," she said.

    Quinn's gaffe comes just hours after a close primary election left his race for the nomination too close to call. Quinn has declared victory, but his opponent Dan Hynescontends that all the votes need to be counted.

    The White House, at least, has made up its mind. President Obamacalled this morning to congratulate Quinn on his win.