Hynes Calls Quinn a Liar

Gov Pat Quinn says a new television ad from his Democratic opponent reminds him of when President Obama was heckled during an address to Congress.

"I think that just is not a good way to go in a democracy.  I believe in civility and decency.  I'm going to run a positive campaign," Quinn said Friday.

In the ad, Comptroller Dan Hynes says Quinn "is lying" about the early prison release program

In the Quinn ad, the narrator says the governor supports moving some non-violent criminals to half-way houses so prison space can be used to house the state's most violent offenders.

"Pat Quinn's TV ad is an insult to our intelligence," the voice in Hynes' ad retorts. 

Both candidates have gone back and forth over the handling of the early-release program.  An Associated Press report last month indicated that some of those released were violent criminals who had served as few as 11 days.  Some of them committed new crimes while they were out.

On Thursday, Republican Sen. Bill Brady alleged that the program was a ruse designed to cover up the state's overcrowding problems and abet the sale of Thomson Correctional Center to the federal government.  Quinn called the charges "inaccurate and without merit."

Quinn says there will be plenty of opportunities for voters to assess the two candidates as several debates are scheduled in the final days before the Feb 2 primary.

Quinn's staff had informed WTTW he was pulling out of their debate next week but re-considered and now says he will take part.

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