Hey Quinn: You Realize That Taxi Tax Will Be Paid by Visitors, Right?

Pat Quinn will use any excuse not to give up control of McCormick Place.

First, he was afraid the new director would turn into another Phil Pagano, the Metra chief who stepped in front of a train after embezzling from the railway.

Now, Quinn says he’s against the McPier bill because it will raise taxes on cab rides from the airport. And he called Bill Brady a hypocrite, because Brady voted for the bill.

“As we know, Brady voted for the McPier reforms and is urging for it to be signed as is. However, the reform doubles the departure tax. It is raised by 100%," Quinn's campaign said. "This from the person who recently signed the ‘no tax pledge’ - and has spent the last few months publicly railing against any taxes - yet he voted for this tax increase. One of the first chances he had to vote for a hike in taxes, he took it.”

If there’s a tax everyone in Illinois should support, it’s a tax on cab rides from Midway and O'Hare. Because it’s going to be paid by people who don’t live in Illinois. A taxi tax will bring in $8 million, almost all from English tourists and D.C. business travelers who can’t vote here.

Brady’s campaign pointed out that Quinn proposed raising the state’s income tax from 3 percent to 4 percent -- a much bigger tax increase, and one that affects Illinoisans only -- then said the McPier bill “is bipartisan and has widespread support for a good reason: It will mean jobs and reform. Several trade shows have canceled here and others waiting before making future commitments. This could mean the loss of a billion dollars in local spending.”

Quinn seems to be the only person in Illinois government who opposes this bill. But then, he’s the only person who’ll be losing the power to appoint McCormick Place’s $185,000-a-year director.

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