Weird Polling Places … Now With Yelp Reviews!

Some lucky Chicagoans will get to vote in bars, laundromats, car dealerships and Mexican restaurants for the 2012 primaries.

Here are some of the city's most colorful polling places, each with a helpful review from Yelp!

Crow Bar, 4001 E. 106th St.

Sample Review: Probably the best bar on the east Side. A very focused menu: Italian beef or corned beef...that's it! Played some ping pong in the back and had a very good time. I didn't notice the smoke while I was there boy did I smell when i got home!

Taqueria Los Comales #12, 6035 S. Pulaski Ave.

Sample Review:This place is not that bad. I truly enjoy their tiny tacos and especially their grilled onions. They might be a bit greasy but still good. I also like their breakfasts too. I'm a big fan of chorizo with eggs. One thing that does annoy me a bit is their tortas. Their good but super SLOPPY!!! The torta totally falls apart. But it's still good so I stop whining and keep eating. Their horchatas are pretty good too.... not to watery.

Lawn Lanes, 6750 S. Pulaski Ave.

Sample Review: Came to Lawn Bowl on a Friday night with coworkers to bowl a few rounds. Bowling was very cheap- $15.00 for shoe rental and three games. Drinks were also cheap. However, we were ordering pitchers of beer that seemed very watered down.

Carnitas Don Rafa, 4617 S. Kedzie Ave.

Sample Review: I wasn't sure what to expect from a place with the word "carnitas" in it. One imagines a taco shop. However, I finally tried their food at an art event for Bank of America. The food is very simple Mexican home style cooking. The meat was done to perfection. Overall, very authentic. However, it was the presentation that really sold me. They did a really great job at dressing their food up for the event.

Gary V. Rubin, M.D., Ophthalmologist 7001 W. Archer Ave.

Sample Review: I went to Dr. Rubin for years to get my peepers checked.
He's a very nice man. He actually looks like Newman from Seinfeld. Dr. Rubin always seems to remember me and ask me about my life, which is above and beyond his job. Also, the woman assistant (can't think of her name) who does a lot his work is just great- friendly and helpful!

El Mamey Lounge (back of bar) 2645 W. North Ave.

They have one of those new fangled juke boxes in there, and even though I have a special place in my heart for vintage juke boxes I do like the fact that these new ones can go online and find any artist whatsoever that would not otherwise be on the jukebox. So of course much to my fiance's disdain I was crankin' out some ICP (Insane Clown Posse). So in my book this place is pretty ok since I can play ICP there if I want to. The bathroom was kind of annoying, because there's no lock so you tend to walk in on people and vice versa which tends to be awkward but being in enough bars in the past I am kind of used to it. In general this place seemed warm and friendly. One of the much better atmosphere's I've seen in Chicago bars so far.

Brisku’s Bistro, 4100 N. Kedzie Ave.

Sample Review: Came here quite often when I first met my boyfriend as this place was just a block away.
The food was always good, the burgers huge. They almost always have bucket deals and nicely priced drinks. The jukebox is modern, pool, darts, and lots and lots of tables...which were always empty. It was strange that no one ever occupied these tables for dinner. I guess the customers mostly came to drink.

Let Them Eat Chocolate, 5306 N. Damen Ave.

Sample Review: Their gelato alone warrants the 4th star. I tell everyone who asks that it's the best gelato I've had outside of Italy. Even both varieties of Vanilla (Madagascar and Custard) are great... And when they have their dark chocolate orange on the line, don't miss it.
Cork Lounge, 1822 W. Addison St.

Sample Review: By definition, this is what a 4 star bar is. Acceptable beer prices, cool bartenders, board games, decent pool table, and they actually were playing late 90's early 00's punk rock. Combine this all and normally I would give the spot a 5 star rating, but then you realize this is where stuck up folks go for a beer to hold them till they make it further down Addison.
Overall if you can deal with random Chad and Ashleys popping in for a drink and leaving in disgust within 45 minutes, you have a major sweet bar.

Napleton Northwestern Chrysler Jeep Dodge, 5950 N. Western Ave.

Sample Review: Bought my car new here. Took it in for the recommended (relatively expensive) service, at least in the early days. Went to use a jack, on the car I bought here, for the first time, the jack crumpled, and they refused to replace it. Hope they don't expect me back when I buy my next new car.

Metropolis Coffee, 1039 W. Granville Ave.

Sample Review: I've been to many of the coffee shops around the city, and I almost always order a latte. The truth is, I've never had a better one in Chicago than here. The best latte I had here was several years ago and they have yet to top that one perfect latte ... but they often come close.


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