Pat Quinn's Secret Blackberry

What he doesn't want us to see

So it turns out that Gov. Pat Quinn is using his personal BlackBerry to conduct state business, which is a neat way to get around public records laws.

Quinn says he's doing it to save the state - which has a $9.2 billion deficit - the cost of a cell phone bill, but we think he's just a little embarrassed about what we would find if he revealed the contents to the good citizens of Illinois.

Our best guess as to what we'd find. Use the comments section below to offer up your own ideas:

-  A stealth app that makes him invisible.

Quahog Mayor Adam West on speed dial.

-  "Sexts" to Dawn Clark Netsch concerning a bearskin rug, nudity, and the budget.

- Last week's e-mails to Patrick Kane questioning his masculinity.

- Photos of paint drying.

- A World of Warcraft app.

- The entire collection of Bread recordings, including bootlegs.

- A Pull My Finger app.

- Note to self: Return The Prince to Daley.

- A ringtone download of "Birthday Sex."

- An e-book called “How To Evade Public Records Laws.”

Steve Rhodes is the proprietor of The Beachwood Reporter, a Chicago-centric news and culture review.

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