Is Obama’s Chicago Birthday Fundraiser Appropriate?

Chicagoans are mixed on their opinion as to where the president's birthday fundraiser is ill-timed.

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Jim Veeneman
n"It's probably not the best time. It demonstrates a certain insensitivity while we're at the risk of going into another recession. I suppose he's got to raise funds, but it's just a bad time."
Shan Shan Huang
"I think it's OK because it's been stressful for him. He needs balance."
Efrain Perez
nIt's his birthday. He should celebrate as he likes. He's about my age, you know?"
Sean Cassidy
n"Debt crisis or not, it's his birthday, right? Really, people need to lighten up on the guy. They gave more concessions to the Republicans than the Republicans have ever given him."
Sierra Hadley
n"I don't see anything wrong with it. it's one day. He deserves a break. He's still handling his business."
Jack Bianciotto and Brett Timpone
n"Obviously he's the president, he's going to have a party. If it keeps our spirits up, our minds in the right state, it's fine. Everything doesn't need to be on high alert all the time. it's inconvenient that it blocks up traffic, though."
Latasha Davis
n"Politics are politics. I'm not surprised he's celebrating. When it comes down to it, he still has to campaign."
Andrea Rataiczyk
n"I don't think it's that big of a deal."
Ariel Thomas
n"It's perfectly fine. It's his birthday."
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