Braun Defends Radio Ad

With her uphill battle for Mayor of Chicago in its eleventh hour, former Senator Carol Moseley Braun found herself answering charges that her campaign had attempted to inject race into the equation.

At issue was a radio commercial recorded by Congressman Danny Davis. In the ad, Davis booms in his stentorian voice, "My mother often told us that it is a poor dog that will not wag its own tail. My father would tell us that the Bible says any man who will not support his own house is worse than any infidel."

"The ad simply said that Carol Moseley Braun is the best candidate for the city of Chicago," Davis said at a Braun event Monday morning. "And just as a father would support his own household, his own children, that people ought to be supporting Carol Moseley Braun."

"It’s just scripture," Braun said, attempting to dismiss the controversy. But on its face, the commercial seemed to be a direct reference to the considerable support front-runner Rahm Emanuel has been claiming in the African-American community; and a suggestion, that a vote for Emanuel was an act of betrayal.

"You never read the Bible?" Davis asked. "The Bible is the Bible. It's been here a long time. I'm not a theologian. I'm a politician."

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