Listen to State Government? We’d Be Broke, Says Daley

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"I'm not going to listen to state government for financial advice, we'd be bankrupt."

That's Mayor Daley, speaking Tuesday at John A. Walsh Elementary School, where he announced the Additional Learning Opportunities program. The plan would add an hour-and-a-half to school days for more math and reading classes.

Daley also addressed the problem of poor financial planning earlier in the day while speaking at Chase Park, where he joined members of the Uptown community in opening a new playground.

"We need a huge infrastructure bill," Daley said. "In all the things that we can do to jumpstart the economy, we need a huge infrastructure bill that includes schools, public transportation, libraries, all those things that are necessary ... for business we have to do it. Take the Chinese think. They think 25 years. Americans only think 6 months or a year."

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