Duckworth on Joe Walsh’s Greatest Hits

Starting six days from now, we won’t have Joe Walsh to kick around anymore -- so let’s enjoy it while we can.

Tammy Duckworth’s campaign is helping by releasing a retrospective of Walsh’s term in office.

Titled "Walsh said WHAT?!," it features all the congressman’s greatest hits, to the tune of Ozzy Osborne’s "Crazy Train:"

  • Calling President Barack Obama "idiotic,” a liar and "a 10-year-old in over his head."
  • Shouting that he was "tired of hearing that crap" about how banks were to blame for the financial meltdown.
  • Saying that women can’t die in childbirth, and that allowing abortions to preserve "health of the mother has become a tool for abortions anytime for any reason."
  • Telling a town hall meeting that the Democratic Party wants "Hispanics to be dependent on government, just like they got African-Americans to be dependent upon government."
  • Telling another town hall meeting that a violent strain of Islam "trying to kill Americans" is present in Elk Grove Village, Addison and Elgin.
  • Sitting atop a restaurant booth, shouting that Sandra Fluke should "go get a job" rather than expecting America to pay for her contraception.
  • Asserting that “"rue heroes" don’t talk about their military experience.
  • Holding up a photo of Duckworth looking at dresses, criticizing her for picking an outfit for the Democratic National Convention while Walsh was "marching in a parade in Schaumburg."

Election Night may be our last chance to hear from Walsh. Ward Room predicts his concession speech will add to his legend.

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