Jarrett Part of Chicago's “Gangster Government”: Iowa Rep

King said radical Islamists would dance in the street upon Obama's election

An Iowa republican has accused the Obama administration of running a gangster-style government in Washington D.C.

Republican Iowa Congressman Steve King told the Washington News Observer, an independent political video magazine, that the President’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is a cog in a “gangster government” machine.

Steve King Talks Smack About Chicago

King breaks down what he sees as a family tree of corruption that led to Barack Obama’s election.

“The Chicago machine, we know what it is,” King says. 

“Someone called it gangster government, Valerie Jarrett has been in the middle of that, she’d been brokering power for a long time and the links she has with William Ayers and other nefarious characters tell us what we’ve got in the White House itself.”

Whether or not Ayers and Jarrett and Mayor Daley are part of a well tuned political machine is debatable. Rumor is Daley and Obama don’t even get along all that well.

Regardless, King has a reputation for making outlandish statements about Chicago -- including the infamous "dancing in the streets" comment about how Obama's victory would embolden extremists.

“I will tell you that, if he is elected president, then the radical Islamists, the al-Qaida, the radical Islamists and their supporters, will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11," King said.

"Because they will declare victory in this War on Terror."

King, at least, is winning the war on sober analysis.

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