Illinois Primaries Open to Voters

Who's on the ballot?

Beginning Monday, Illinois voters will get a chance to cast their  primary ballots early.

This is the second consecutive election cycle in which Illinoisans can vote for their primary candidate before the February 4th voting day.

Last time voter turnout was tremendous because there happened to be a few prominent names like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain on their party’s respective tickets.

This time around voters are likely to see names like Jacob Meister (running for US senate in  the Democratic primary), Dorothy Brown (running for Cook County Board President) and Dan Proft (running for Governor of Illinois.)

Not exactly a star-studded list of candidates, so voters will be excused if they need a bit more time to learn about some of the individuals angling to represent them.

To that end, NBCChicago has created a handy guide for Illinois primaries. Take a look through; you may like what you see.

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