Illinois Politics Goes MAD

Blago stars in Mad Magazine's "The Untrustables"

This whole town has gone MAD.

Signifying that former Gov. Rod Blagojevich isn't even #1 at being mocked, Mad Magazine has awarded the Coifed One 15th place in its annual Top 20 list of dumbest people, events and things of 2009.

“With black matted hair that makes Donald Trump’s do seem respectable, the dwarf-like chief executive of Illinois was wiretapped and caught red handed.”

Each person caricatured in the MAD spread is illustrated in traditional MAD style, e.g., inserted into a faux movie poster, advertising insert, or Norman Rockwell-like composition.

For his part, Blago's cast in an "Untouchables" homage called "The Untrustables" -- starring “the corrupt governor who laughably maintains his innocence.”

Also appearing on the bill are Sen. Roland Burris, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Patti B, and Obama.

The faux poster even touts an original soundtrack, “Here Comes the Bribe,” but it's only “available on FBI wiretap records.”

Just to make sure we knew Illinois was on their minds, Mad also made sure to mention the Cubs:

“In an unrelated event, the Chicago Cubs failed to win the World Series again this year.”

Happily, Illinois pols aren't the only ones to take it on the chin in the Mad mashup.

The "Mad 20" issue also goes after a panoply of characters including Norm Coleman and Al Franken (a Cialis spoof), Michael Phelps (smoking a joint while swimming on the cover of High Times) and Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez -- who grin widely in an advertisement for "the Official MLB Piss Cup Collection."

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