Quinn: Hynes “Lollygagging” on State Loan

State needs $500 million loan to pay bills

Gov. Pat Quinn on Wednesday accused his challenger in the Democratic governor primary of "lollygagging" on a temporary fix to the state's budget.

At an event to sign legislation that taps federally-backed funds for construction projects, the governor said comproller Dan Hynes was "dragging his feet" on giving approval to a $500 million loan to help the state pay its bills.

"To be lollygagging along and meandering along, instead of getting the job done is inexcusable.  The people of Illinois expect every Constitutional officer to do his or her job without politics," Quinn said at Chicago's Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School.

Quinn said the loan requires the approval of the governor, the state treasurer and the comptroller.  Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias has already given his approval, Quinn said, but Hynes' office is delaying a meeting.  A Giannoulias spokesman denies the treasurer has signed off on the plan.

Such a meeting would only require about a half-hour to an hour of the comptroller's time, the governor said.

"Borrowing is not going to solve this budget crisis," Hynes said from Springfield.  "It is not going to address the $13 billion deficit that we have right now."

Republican candidate for governor Andy McKenna was quick to weigh in.

"What we know is, if you look at the financial statements, the state's been running out of cash," he said.

Even Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who got his city budget passed Wednesday, senses trouble ahead for the state.

"The state has major, major financial problems.  You can only borrow so much.  They're going to have a very difficult time," he said.


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