Mayor Daley: Go Without Pay, Obama

Suggests the Prez take a two week unpaid furlough

The pay's the thing.

President Obama and every federal employee should take a two week unpaid furlough for the good of the country, Mayor Daley suggested today, according to the Sun Times.

His basic message: just hitch up your big girl pants and wade through the crap economy like the rest of us.

“I hope every federal employee from the president all the way down takes 15 days without pay to turn that money back to taxpayers’ use, because they’re getting laid off, they’re getting cut back, there are no jobs out there,” Daley said Friday.

Daley proffered his homespun wisdom during a press conference on the Northwest Side to announce $1.7 billion in projects around the city. The projects use money that comes from bonds and federal and city coffers, including tax increment financing districts, according to the Sun Times.

Hmmm. Wonder if the Big D's advice extends to his money-laden buddies, who profited from the TIF handouts, too?

Regardless, for his part, Daley said he’s taking 15 unpaid days this year.

He believes every level of government -- including the Oval Office -- should do the same to save taxpayer dollars.

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