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Daley Names Two New Aldermen



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    Chicago Mayor Richard Daley on Monday closed two vacancies in the City Council.

    The mayor named Joe Moreno, the vice-president of Buhl Press Inc., and State Rep. Deborah Graham, to fill vacancies in the 1st and 29th Wards, respectively.

    Moreno will fill a spot that became open when former Alderman Manny Flores resigned to lead the Illinois Commerce Commission.

    "The Ward is a very diverse, dynamic ward.  We've got a lot of different constituents: old, young and different nationalities, and a lot of great business in the ward, and I think what I can bring as a businessman and as a local school council member, is sort of a bridge and a connection between those two entitiies," Moreno said.

    Graham will fill a spot vacated last month by Ike Carothers when he pleaded guilty to corruption charges.  He was accused of accepting home improvements, including new paint, new windows and central air conditioning in return for supporting the Galewood Yards project.

    In addition to serving the state's 78th District in the Illinois General Assembly, the Oak Park Democrat is the Coordinator of Special Projects for the city's Department of Planning and Development.

    "I think I bring the experience that I have, my life experiences, to just bringing the people down to a basic level of understanding and letting them know that I'm just as human and as basic as they are, and we have the same needs and together we can make a change in our community," she said.

    Last month, Daley posted the aldermanic vacancies online and encouraged Chicagoans to apply.  The move netted 44 interviews, Daley said.  But he urged that the new aldermen won't be beholden to him.

    "No one does my bidding," the mayor said. "I do my own bidding and that's one thing I've always said."

    The full City Council will debate and vote on the appointments next month.