Cohen Chooses Running Mate

Scott Lee Cohen -- who is attempting to run as an Independent for Governor -- tells Ward Room he has a running mate. He will make the announcement Wednesday at 10am.

Cohen would not reveal who his running mate is, but the State Journal Register reports the pick is his former downstate coordinator, Baxter Swilley.

"As a community organizer, Baxter spent his life bringing positive change to Illinois by working for organizations including the Chicago Metropolitan YMCA and the Chicago Urban League,” said John Davis, a Cohen campaign spokesman, according to the newspaper.

Cohen was playful Tuesday night when asked to confirm the State Journal Register's report. 

"Can I plead the 5th?" he asked.

"I'm going to choose someone who is interested in the people of Illinois," he said earlier Tuesday.

Cohen says he received between 20 to 25 applications.

Now comes the hard part as he must circulate his petitions -- with his name as well as his running mate's -- and get 25 thousand signatures by June 21st.

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