Ald. Stone, 82, to Run for 11th Term

"I'm full of pee and vinegar," he said Wednesday.

Ald. Bernie Stone has no plans of retiring any time soon.

The octogenarian announced Wednesday that he'll run for an 11th term, saying it's no time for amateurs in the City Council.

"Those who will be elected to serve in the next City Council will have an awesome responsibility, being the ones the new mayor --  whoever he or she will be -- will have to lean on and depend on for guidance," said Stone, the eldest member of the City Council. "It will not be a time for amateurs. A mayor learning on the job is one thing, but a mayor and a City Council learning on the job spells disaster for the city of Chicago."

He criticized Mayor Richard Daley for the timing of his retirement from politics.

"It's currently the worst situation the city has ever been in in years and I don't see why he would find that to be the time to abandon ship. If anything, I don't think it's the time at all. You don't abandon ship when the ship has sprung a leak," Stone said.

Stone earned a laugh out reporters when asked why retirment isn't for him.

"I'm full of pee and vinegar," he said.

At least three potential candidates are poised to enter the race to lead the 50th Ward, but Stone said he's not afraid of a tough re-election fight.

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