Alderman Proposes Speed-Limit Increase After Spike in Red-Light Tickets

Camera near 127th Street and Eggleston on the city's far south side sits just after an abrupt speed limit change

A Chicago alderman is taking the city's red light camera problems into his own hands.

Ald. Anthony Beale (9th) says one of the city's red light cameras is unfairly costing thousands of area residents.

The camera is located near 127th Street and Eggleston on the city's Far South Side sits just after an abrupt speed limit change.

Drivers coming off Interstate 57 face a speed limit of 35 mph, but the sudden drop to the 30 mph just a few blocks later is causing problems for nearly 50,000  motorists who have been ticketed by the nearby red light camera.

"I've got a couple of them because I was doing 35 mph, but it's in the wrong spot," said area resident Theresa Thomas.

Beale has heard the many complaints from residents and when the proper channels wouldn't help with a solution, he took an unconventional route.

Beale has proposed raising the speed limit in the area to 35 mph, a move that has already been advanced by the Traffic Committee and will face the full City Council Wednesday.

"It's just the right thing to do," Beale said. "When you look at a major thoroughfare there's no reason a major thoroughfare should be at 30 mph."

"I think it's wrong," said resident Murry Amos. "I think they should just do away with it."

The city's red light program has been at the center of a $2 million bribery scandal and local politicians continue to raise questions about spikes in tickets.

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