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Will Dillard Concede?

Today's the day all the votes are in



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    Illinois Republican primary candidate for Governor, Kirk Dillard talks a phone call as he waits for the final vote tallies in a race that is to close to call in the Illinois Primary on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2010, in Lisle, Ill. (AP Photo/ Jim Prisching)

    Illinois Republicans may finally have a candidate for governor today.

    More than a month after the primary election left Sens. Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard in a statistical dead heat – about 247 votes difference – Dillard has scheduled a press conference, just after the state election board meets to approve final vote tallies.

    "It will be the concluding statement of the campaign if the numbers remain as they are," Dillard’s campaign spokesman Wes Bleed told the Daily Herald.

    Concession isn’t a foregone conclusion, however.  If the state board’s tally ended up narrowing the gap between the two candidates, Dillard may consider calling for a recount, which is a difficult proposition.

    "If the numbers are sizably different in Kirk's favor, I think he would have to pause and reflect and have a revised statement to make," Bleed said.

    Both Dillard and Brady have played nice during the month long verification process, and have concentrated fire on Democrat Pat Quinn.  Each of the candidates think they can unseat the accidental governor and take the governor’s mansion for the GOP.