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Votes Due on Bean Walsh Showdown

Both candidates are in Washington D.C. on the day of the final count



    Votes Due on Bean Walsh Showdown
    Walsh/Bean Showdown |
    The GOP has sent lawyers and volunteers to seal Joe Walsh's self-declared victory in the 8th district over the incumbent Melissa Bean. Walsh is ahead of Bean by 347 votes, but it will be some time before all are counted.

    The end is in sight for an unexpected 8th district congressional showdown.

    Cook County Clerks counting the final absentee provisional ballots in the extended race between Joe Walsh (R) and incumbent Melissa Bean (D) indicated they'd have a tally by Tuesday afternoon, according to spokeswoman Courtney Greve.

    Since Election Day,  Walsh's lead over Bean has shrunk to 347 votes.

    Walsh's campaign has said other absentee and provisional ballots also need to be counted in Lake and McHenry counties, which Walsh won on Nov. 2.

    Walsh had tea party backing in the election. Bean has held the seat since 2004 when she defeated Republican Rep. Phil Crane.

    Both Walsh and Bean are in Washington this week. Bean's there to finish up work in the lame duck sesssion of congress, Walsh is there for freshman orientation.

    Each of the candidates has operatives monitoring the final count.