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FourSquare Joins Chicago Mayoral Race



    FourSquare Joins Chicago Mayoral Race
    Some are wondering if Foursquare is the new Twitter.

    Rahm Emanuel? Boring. Carol Mosely Braun?  More like Carol Mosely Yawn.

    What about you? Yeah, you. Wanna be the next mayor of Chicago?  All it takes is a few clicks on your phone.

    The people behind, a web site based on the popular social networking application, are willing to put your name on the ballot for Chicago's mayor, according to

    FourSquare is a location based social networking "game" that rewards users for cheking into venues like restaurants, nightclubs and coffee shops with badges and special deals. The user that check into a specific venue the most becomes its mayor.

    Applying the "game" to a city election may seem ludicrious, but, it's good fun.

    The campaign is simple. Just need to use your phone to "check in" to the virtual venue called "City of Chicago - Mayoral HQ."  Every time you do that, your score increases by one. 

    On November 1, the person with the most check-ins will win the contest.  That's when digital marketing firm Proximity Marketing takes over.  They'll go to work to get the winner's name on the official mayoral ballot. Then, the voters decide.

    Right now, the front-runner is some guy named Rob Mowry, who, as of publication, has nine check-ins.  Are you going to let Mowry hire his cronies and old yachting buddies to skim off the top?  Or are you going to check in so you can hire your friends and punish your enemies?  After all, that's what politics is all about.