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Giannoulias' Opponents Blast Bank News

Cheryle Jackson calls on frontrunner to withdraw



    Giannoulias' Opponents Blast Bank News
    Leader: Alexi Giannoulias enjoys a comfortable, but not insurmountable lead over his Democratic rivals. His name recognition is a big plus.

    Here come the knives.

    Following revelations that federal regulators are clamping down on a bank owned by Senate primary frontrunner Alexi Giannoulias' family, challenger Cheryle Jackson is calling on the frontrunner to withdraw from the race. 

    In a statement emailed to reporters, Jackson accuses Giannoulias of taking advantage of families who patronized the lender.

    "Giannoulias and his family pulled $70 million in profits out of the bank and put it in their own pockets," Jackson said. "Giannoulias and his family put other families at risk, the same way he, as State Treasurer, put the families who invested in Bright Start for their kids’ college at risk."

    Giannoulias' closest competitor, former inspector general David Hoffman, refrained from calling for a withdrawal.

    "Mr. Giannoulias has shown a consistent pattern of refusing to take responsibility for his actions and blaming others," Hoffman said in an emailed statement. "People are sick of politicians, like Mr. Giannoulias, who are not honest about their own conduct and don't want to be held accountable."

    The primary election is Tuesday, Feb. 2.