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Senator Encouraged by Kirk's Progress

Manchin says Kirk getting more irritated at being in hospital



    Senator Encouraged by Kirk's Progress
    Sen. Joe Manchin, from a 2011 photo. Manchin visited Sen. Mark Kirk, as he continues to recover from a stroke.

    U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin says he's encouraged by the "prognosis and progress" of his friend and colleague Sen. Mark Kirk, who suffered a stroke last weekend.

    Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, says he spent Saturday morning with Kirk's family.

    Here's a statement Manchin released about the visit:

    "I brought all the love and best wishes of the Senate to Mark and his family, including cards with good wishes from his colleagues. I also brought him some work to get done, some proposals to look at and some of the political magazines that have all the news in Washington. I spent the morning with his family, and I'm so encouraged with his prognosis and progress. He's getting more irritated at being in the hospital, which means he's definitely getting better. I look forward to coming to visit my friend again soon."

    Manchin and Kirk were supposed to sit next to each other at the State of the Union address. Manchin left the seat empty in Kirk's honor.

    Kirk's family thanked Manchin, and said he is a source of "comfort and strength" for them.

    "We continue to grow more encouraged and impressed by Mark's progress each day," Kirk's family said in a statement. "He is talking, making jokes and asking about work. We thank the people of Illinois for their unwavering support."