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Scott Lee Cohen

Independent, Running for Governor



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    The Man: Scott Lee Cohen won the 2010 Democratic primary for Lt. Governor, but then withdrew under pressure following revelations about his personal life, including a prostitute ex-girlfriend, steroiduse, and a troubled divorce. Three months later, Cohen announced his attention to run for governor on a jobs platform.

    Cohen's past controversies now overshadow his gubernatorial bid. Trailing badly in the contest, Cohen's likely role is that of the spoiler. Recent polls factoring in his candidacy show him drawing votes away from the Republican challenger, Bill Brady.

    The Knock: Cohen's otherwise practical focus on jobs is undermined by his personal history and his apparent ignorance of basic fiscal and monetary policy. However, in recent weeks he has unveiled a four-year plan to eliminate $10.5 billion from the state's budget deficit without raising taxes. Details in the proposal include eliminating $2 billion in tax incentives for corporations and eliminating tax loopholes for citizens making over $1 million per year.

    The Strategy: Cohen has a singular focus on jobs, and throughout his campaign he's has hosted job fairs to connect with voters. Cohen has also courted members of the Tea Party.

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