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Schock: Kirk's a Scott Brown-Type of Republican

Schock's statements not exactly shocking



    Schock: Kirk's a Scott Brown-Type of Republican
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    If there were any doubt about what sort of strategy Illinois Republicans planned to employ in their bid for the open Illinois Senate seat, Representative Aaron Schock dispelled it.

    During an interview with MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer, Schock, a Republican, said his party's likely candidate Mark Kirk is a “Scott Brown-type of Republican," without really qualifying what that meant.

    The Illinois GOP is salivating over the chance to pull a Scott-Brown-type upset in Illinois, and turn a traditionally blue seat red, but the Illinois GOP is not fielding a candidate in his change-Washington vein. 

    Kirk made no bones about pivoting toward running an insurgent style campaign along the line of former-Massachusetts state senator Brown’s when he showed up on Capitol hill shortly after that special election and declared “Illinois is next.”

    But many questioned the wisdom of the tact, considering Kirk has been a Congressman for going on 10 years. Kirk is part of the Washington Brown vowed to change.

    White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod said as much during a visit to Chicago last week.

    But it appears that the GOP has embraced the idea now that Schock, acting as a spokesman for the Illinois GOP tied Kirk’s campaign directly to the Massachusetts special election.