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Roger Keats

Republican, Running for Cook County Board President



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    The Man: Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and State Senator Roger Keats is hoping to end the 41 year GOP drought for the position of Cook County Board President.

    The passionate politician is running on a platform of change, promising to end corruption in Cook County.  In addition to correcting a perceived institutional mess created by Todd Stroger, Keats plans to shrink the budget for 2011 while working to increase private sector jobs if he wins election. 

    The Knock: Keats makes no apologies for showing favoritism toward his home territory in Evanston and Skokie. He'll have to expand his coverage area if he hopes to pull ahead of his main opponent, Toni Preckwinkle in the polls.

    The Strategy: Keats's campaign suffered a minor set back when Preckwinkle beat out Stroger in the primary. That hasn't stopped him from linking her to the Democratic machine. If Keats hopes to pull out a win, he'll have to focus more on his platform to create jobs while fixing the fiscal mess in Cook County, instead of attempting to associate Preckwinkle with Stroger's policies.

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