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Quinn Blasts Hynes Over Loan, Again



    Quinn Blasts Hynes Over Loan, Again
    The Democratic candidates for governor have beef over loans.

    Governor Quinn fired another shot at his primary rival Dan Hynes Thursday during a speech at the Governor’s Conference on Aging.

    "We will get the necessary funds to pay our bills,” Quinn said. “Even if the Comptroller is blocking my plan."

    Last week Quinn accused Hynes of playing politics by not signing off on a $500 million dollar loan to the state.

    The governor said Hynes was “lollygagging.”

    Hynes denied he was “lollygagging” and said he was looking out for the fiscal health of the state.

    Hynes reiterated that sentiment today, responding to Quinn’s statement.

    "I will not use one credit card to pay another credit card,” Hynes said, noting that he’s working to find a way to pay the state’s bills.