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Obama and Oprah Redux?

Obama's 2012 campaign is headquartered in Chicago



    Obama and Oprah Redux?
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    Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey back together again?

    White House sources confirm President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama will head to Harpo Studios on April 27 to tape something for the Oprah show. It's unclear exactly what the segment will entail, but the appearance could be mutually beneficial for the prez and the talk show queen.

    Oprah is winding down her iconic show with a whirlwind 25th season and Obama is starting the wheels turning on his 2012 re-election campaign. For Oprah, having the sitting president appear on one of her final -- if not her final show -- would be a great get. For Obama, getting exposure to an Oprah audience that some say helped propel him to a 2008 presidential victory would be a great way to amp up the campaign.

    Back in 2008 Oprah broke her long-time embargo on endorsing a presidential candidate when she threw her considerible celebrity behind the Obama campaign -- much to the chagrin of Hillary Clinton supporters.

    Oprah also attended the election night celebration in Grant Park on Nov. 2, and famously cried on a stranger's shoulder. This time around Oprah may not endorse any candidates in order to protect her struggling OWN network from political scrutiny. 

    Obama's 2012 campaign is located in Chicago, the first time a presidential reelection campaign has not been located in Washington D.C.

    Officals from the Oprah Show have not responded to requests for confirmation.