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Obama to Get Specific on Health Care

President may deliver televised pitch on health care priorities



    Obama to Get Specific on Health Care
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    President Obama could be the detail man in chief.

    President Obama may soon lay down the law on Congress for health care.

    Facing rising public disapproval over his leadership and frustration from Democrats on the state of bipartisan negotiations with wavering Republican lawmakers, Obama is reportedly considering a new hands-on strategy that could culminate with a public speech in the next week or so that lays out specific priorities for a final bill.

    On Tuesday, Obama met with chief advisers Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod to discuss how to work with Congress going forward, The New York Times reported. "The ideas are all there on the table," Axelrod told The Associated Press. "Now we are in a new phase, and it's time to pull the strands of these together."

    Lawmakers return to Congress Tuesday after a long, cruel summer characterized by weakening support for the president's top domestic priority. A new CNN/Opinion Research poll found 53 percent of Americans disapproved of the president's handling of health care.   

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