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Luv Gov's Fate to be Decided by GOP

Mark Sanford could be impeached if S.C. GOP says go



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    Gov. Mark Sanford is facing a firing squad of South Carolina House Republicans.

    Gov. Mark Sanford's fate is set to be decided this weekend.

    South Carolina House Republicans will discuss whether or not to impeach the philandering Sanford this weekend as they meet for their annual Myrtle Beach gathering Saturday, where they'll discuss among other issues Sanford's adultery and five-day disappearance last year.

    Majority Leader Kenny Bingham said impeachment will be the talk of the table when the members of the House Majority Caucus meet in the South Carolina town.

    Sanford was missing in action for five days in June, only to return to confess that he'd been having a hot and heavy affair with an Argentinian woman -- despite a wife and four sons. Sanford's also under investigation for misusing state planes for personal business rather than state affairs.

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