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Bill Clinton: Health Care Reform is "Morally Right"

Former president says Obama is a "cool and intelligent guy"



    Bill Clinton: Health Care Reform is "Morally Right"
    Former President Bill Clinton said he supports health care reform -- and that it's a "morally and politically right" change.

    Former President Bill Clinton came out in support of President Obama's hopeful health care reform this week, saying in an interview that changing up the health care system is "morally and politically right" and that he predicted a reform bill would pass into law.

    "The president's doing the right thing," Clinton told Esquire magazine in an interview this week. "It is both morally and politically right," he said about the commander in chief's position on reforming health care.

    Clinton predicted that Obama -- who he called a "cool and intelligent guy" would win the support of the electorate with the reform bill, and that Republican naysayers were obstacles the president could overcome to get legislation passed.

    "He's going to get health care reform," Clinton said.

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