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Quinn's Campaign "Similar to Chicago Sports"

State Senator says Quinn's politics amount to "Hail Mary passes and gimmicks"



    Quinn's Campaign "Similar to Chicago Sports"
    Getty Images / Scott Olson
    Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

    Gov. Pat Quinn's politics amount to "Hail Mary passes and gimmicks," says State Sen. Marty Sandoval.

    The Chicago Democrat joined six other state lawmakers at a rally for Comptroller Dan Hynes at a West Side job placement center on Tuesday.

    "The question I ask myself: Are Illinoisians better off today?" Sandoval said. "Very similar to our Chicago sports teams - we can't quite get a touchdown - we're tired of the Hail Mary passes and gimmicks."

    The event took place as Gov. Pat Quinn was taking credit for a plan to bring roughly 1,200 jobs to Ford's Torrence Avenue Assembly plant.

    Many of the jobs Quinn claims to have created through the Ford move will actually go to out of state workers who will transfer, Hynes said at the rally.

    State Rep Jack Franks, D-Woodstock, took a harsher tone in criticizing the Governor.

    "We all know he's the accidental governor, but he is the incompetent governor as well," he said.

    Hynes, who is running against Quinn for the Democratic nomination for governor, said Quinn has cut funding to job training programs. And while the Ford news is good, "We're not seeing long-term vision that we need."

    Hynes was at the Center for Employment Training, at 100 N. Western Ave., touting his "Clean Start for Illinois" economic plan.

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