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Maggie Daley at Home After Hospital Visit

Mayor clears afternoon schedule after wife had "flu-like symptoms"



    Maggie Daley at Home After Hospital Visit
    Maggie Daley is set to undergo biopsy surgery.

    Maggie Daley was back at home Tuesday afternoon after an unexpected outpatient visit to Northwestern Hospital for "flu-like symptoms."

    Dr. Steve Rosen, who has been treating Mrs. Daley since the onset of her cancer, said Mrs. Daley had a treatment Monday and "had a difficult evening ... [which was] unusual because with her first two treatments she was fine."  

    He said she was started "on a new chemotherapy and a biologic agent" and is hoping that "this was just a blip."

    Mrs. Daley, 66, was not admitted to the hospital Tuesday, but the visit did prompt the mayor to cancel his afternoon events to be with her.  She was given fluids and medicine for nausea and allowed to sleep a bit.

    "It's a little bit unusual with this therapy to experience nausea," Rosen said.

    Mrs. Daley, who was first diagnosed with cancer in 2002 and in July of 2006 had surgery to remove a tumor in her right breast, was recently confined to a wheelchair after a cancerous lesion on her leg was found to have progressed.

    "Mrs. Daley has been living with metastatic breast cancer for nearly a decade. It has been in remission as a result of modern therapy,"  said Dr. Steve Rosen in a statement at the time.  "She has been a remarkable person who continues to do wonderfully well as we continue to reassess what next steps would be best. Fortunately, the therapy has continued to evolve with new options."

    A biopsy on a bone lesion in her spine was done at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in April of this year.