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Tyke Takes Quinn to Task

Why don't you pay your bills?



    "Why Don't You Pay Your Bills?"

    Gov. Pat Quinn fields a kid's tough question after he stepped out to meet with education protesters in Berwyn. (Published Friday, March 12, 2010)

    Kids say the darndest things, but some times they manage to utter wise gems.

    One Berwyn youngster gave Illinois Governor Pat Quinn a jolt when he asked the governor a tough political question.

    “Why don’t you pay your bills?” the child asked Quinn as he met with protestors outside a Berwyn school that may cut some programs.

    “I tell you we’re trying to get the money to pay the bills,” Quinn replied as the crowd chuckled.

    It’s true, Quinn is trying to get the money to pay the bills, and that’s one of the reasons he visited the Berwyn school. The governor is touring education facilities around the state trying to sell his education tax “surcharge.”

    The Democratic governor has proposed a budget that would cut $1.3 billion from education unless lawmakers raise the income tax rate one percentage point.

    Quinn is trying to drum up support for the tax increase that key lawmakers – and maybe some children -- show little interest in wanting to pass.

    Republicans generally oppose an increase, and many Democrats are reluctant to raise taxes in an election year.