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Leno Jabs Chicago in Monologue

'The Tonight Show' host pokes fun at Cutler and Bears fans.



    Leno Jabs Chicago in Monologue

    Jay Leno mentions Chicago in his monologue on "The Tonight Show." (Published Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011)

    Chicago was high on Jay Leno's list of jabs Monday night.

    In  "The Tonight Show" host's monologue, he made mentions of Rahm Emanuel and, more brutally, of Jay Cutler and Bears fans.

    "Earlier today, a court has ruled against Rahm Emanuel, saying he is not a resident of Chicago, therefore he cannot run for mayor," Leno said. "You know who else will not be elected mayor of Chicago? Quarterback Jay Cutler."

    Leno acknowledged Chicago's fury pointed at the quarterback and his injury, reported yesterday to be an MCL injury.

    "Is that fair?" he said. "Oh yeah, when I'm injured, I try to get a second opinion from five drunk guys in the stands."

    "That's who you want to go to. ... Those are the experts."