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    Ladies Love Cool Bill
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    Some of these ideas are just nuts.

    Here’s some good news for you, Bill Brady. The voters of Illinois like you better than Pat Quinn. And the ladies of Illinois really, really like your well-groomed, Porsche-driving self better than that bald, rumpled mess of a governor who can’t pay the family’s bills.

    According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, Brady leads Quinn 47-37 in the race for governor.

    “Brady’s numbers likely reflect at least a modest bounce from the news of his victory,” said a press release accompanying the poll.

    Or maybe they just reflect the fact that Quinn has had an entire year to make himself unpopular, while Brady has only been at it for a week or so. Just give Brady a little time. Right now, a member of the Green Bay Packers would look good against an Illinois governor who has the state $12 billion in the red.

    “I think in general it just has to do with the fact that Illinois is ready for something different,” Brady communications director Jaime Elich said Wednesday. “What we have now isn’t working. [Quinn] has had time to turn things around. There’s a huge budget deficit. It’s probably just people’s outrage that we’re still in financial distress.”

    The internal numbers:

    -- Quinn is viewed very favorably by 12 percent, very unfavorably by 24 percent. For Brady, those numbers are 17 and 11. That means only half as many people hate Brady.

    -- Quinn’s job approval is 43 percent, while 56 percent disapprove. For an incumbent, anything under 50 percent approval sucks.

    -- Independents favor Brady 59-18.

    -- Brady can change his name to LL Cool B: he leads by 17 percent among women!

    Democrats immediately attacked Rasmussen Reports, which is also releasing a poll on the Senate race today. In a “Pre-Poll Response,” Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias quoted experts who call Rasmussen “weird,” “controversial,” and “pro-Republican.” (Our prediction: the new poll will show Giannoulias losing.)

    The “weird” quote comes from Rich Miller at Capitol Fax, who wrote, “We’ve known for a while that Quinn had trouble with women, but I cannot possibly see how the Democrat is trailing among women to a Republican by 17 points, while losing by just 3 among men.”

    We asked the Brady campaign to explain that, too.

    “It could be because women are money savvy,” Elich told us.

    And not because he looks a little like Senator Scott Brown?