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Jeb Bush Talks About 2016

Jeb Bush — the man many in the GOP want to see run for president in 2016 — appears to be reversing his long-time stance on immigration with a new book on immigration out Tuesday. But Politico's Kevin Robillard noted that Bush's comments to Chuck Todd on NBC's "Nightly News" didn't appear to mesh with comments he made to the "Today" show's Matt Lauer Monday morning. "I think we need comprehensive reform, and if there is a path to citizenship that has enough of a realization that we have to respect the rule of law, then so be it," Bush told Todd. But while he supports a path to citizenship for legal immigrants, Bush had suggested to Lauer that he wants to limit those who come illegally to permanent resident status. That position appears to reflect a change of heart, Politico writes, from the path to citizenship approach Bush endorsed in a Wall Street Journal op-ed in January. Freely acknowledging that he is considering running in 2016, Bush stressed to Todd that he believes his Republican Party needs to remind voters of what it supports — not what it opposes.