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Jarrett: "Seedy Chicago Politics" Claims Were "Cheap Shot"



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    One of President Obama's senior adviser's, Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer, is considered one of the most powerful women in politics.

    Claims that the White House is engaging in "seedy Chicago politics" are "completely unwarranted," says Obama senior adviser and prominent Chicagoan Valerie Jarrett.

    In an interview with Politics Daily, Jarett focused specifically on Sen. Lindsay Graham and his use of the phrase during a recent CNN interview.

    "It was definitely a cheap shot and completely unwarranted," said Jarrett. "I think what people ought to do is focus on how they can be constructive in their discourse and present fresh ideas for the president's consideration, and not lose focus on why they were all elected. They were elected to serve the people."

    The "Chicago politics" refrain is popular among GOPers, who've accused the White House of making deals with lawmakers and interest groups on high-profile health care and cap-and-trade legislation.

    In the interview, Jarrett also defended the administration from charges that they didn't push hard enough for the more liberal components of the health care bill, including the public option.

    "What the president did this year was what seven presidents before him had been unable to do," said Jarret.

    ""Anyone who thinks that this is a boon for the insurance companies is just simply wrong. There's more insurance reform in both the House and Senate bills than we've ever seen before in Washington. The fact that you are increasing the number of people who are covered, and by increasing coverage that's considered an insurance company boon, is ridiculous! We shouldn't have a conversation about something like that. We should have a conversation focused on the facts."