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Illinois Dems Could Sink Obama's Health Bill

Lipinski said abortion language turns him off



    Illinois Dems Could Sink Obama's Health Bill
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    President Barack Obama could get dinged by his home-state brethren.

    Three Illinois representatives -- Luis Gutierrez, Melissa Bean and Dan Lipinski  -- could sink President Obama’s health-care bill.

    The three Democratic congressmen are among the throngs of legislators who were on the fence about the signature bill of the President’s first term. At least two of them have signaled they’ll vote against it.

    Gutierrez wrote on Huffington Post Chicago that he couldn’t support a bill that denies immigrants the right to purchase their own coverage.

    “It was one more in a string of disappointments for the Hispanic community, and today, I no longer find myself able to confidently say "yes" when President Obama asks me for his support,” Gutierrez wrote, signaling that he’ll vote no.

    Melissa Bean was less direct when questioned about her leanings.

    “Since I’ve been in Congress, I’ve heard repeated concerns about rising health care costs and the need for reform from the families and small businesses of the 8th District,” Bean said in a statement after a health care battle erupted outside her Illinois Congressional office.

    “I continue to listen to both sides of the debate. While many have expressed fears or concerns about specific rumors or provisions, overall I have heard strong support for fiscally responsible reform that would provide health care security, affordability and choice.”

    Lipinski told Fox Chicago that he doesn’t like the abortion language in the Senate version of the bill

    “I’m opposed to the bill right now beccause it changes the status quo on funding for abortion,” Lipinski said. “I think that’s a bad idea. I think we should stay with the status quo.”

    Congress is expected to vote this week on health care reform.