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Health Care: How Illinois Dems Are Expected to Vote

Gutierrez affirms "yes" vote, but five others undecided



    Health Care: How Illinois Dems Are Expected to Vote
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    The action on healthcare is back in the House today.

    To pass the Senate version of the healthcare bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the democratic leadership are hunting for 216 votes -- but at least six Illinois Democrats haven't said they'll vote "yes" yet.

    And lobbyists are spending millions to ensure they don't.

    The entirety of Illinois' GOP legislators is expected to vote "no," leaving the six Democrats below to provide some crucial votes. Here's how it breaks down:

    Jerry Costello -- Publicly opposes, but observers say he'll vote yes.
    12th District
    Has little to fear from GOP challenger, but apparently holding out for maximum possible concessions.

    "I have stated that I will not vote for the Senate bill in its current form," Costello said to The Telegraph. "If that changes between now and the time we vote on it, then I will have to reconsider, but in its current form I will vote against it."

    Luis Gutierrez -- Yes
    4th District
    Said March 18th he would vote for the bill because he received a renewed commitment to immigration reform from Barack Obama.

    Daniel Lipinski -- Most Likely No
    3rd District
    Says healthcare money would be used to fund more abortions.

    Melissa Bean -- Uncommitted
    8th District
    Conservative Democrat in a swing district. Voted for the House bill last year.

    Debbie Halvorson -- Uncommitted
    11th District
    Favored to win her re-election race. Recently caught up a bit in Rangel scandal.

    Bill Foster -- Uncommitted
    14th District
    Voted yes to House version last year, opposed Senate. Makes him a swing vote and a GOP target.