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Giannoulias Tags Along for Health Care Victory Lap

Plus, Giannoulias is 'shocked and appalled' by Giannis



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    Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias headed into enemy territory Wednesday to capitalize on President Obama’s health care victory.

    “The choice in this election couldn't be more clear,” Giannoulias said outside a Northbrook restaurant in the middle of Mark Kirk’s congressional district. “Congressman Kirk has spent his time in Washington D.C. being an obstructionist."

    Giannoulias supports the health care reform and Kirk has sworn to lead the charge for its repeal.

    He was flanked by six small business owners from Kirk's district who agreed with his assessment.

    "Next year we need Giannoulias in the US Senate for small businesses like mine," David Borris, owner of Hel's Kitchen catering, where the event was held.

    It’s not surprising that Giannoulias chose to crow about health care: he doesn’t have much else good to talk about.

    Nick Giannis, the accused check-kiter and owner of Boston Blackie’s, is headed to court this afternoon to face felony fraud charges, reminding voters of Giannoulias's ties to him.

    Giannoulias said he was “shocked and appalled” by Giannis’ behavior. Giannis is a customer at Broadway Bank and a Giannoulias campaign donor.

    Speaking of Broadway bank, Giannoulias said his family is still in recovery mode.

    “They’re working hard to save my father’s bank,” Giannoulias said.